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Mr Wolfs Bristol

Sunday, 26th August 2012

Posted by Jacko

Well what a night last absolutely smashed it down at Mr Wolfs in bristol all I can say is oooww oooww oooooooooowwwwwwwwww. We have wanted to get in Mr Wolfs for a while to whip up a storm and man it was raining…. sweat from the celling from the mental skankers,jumpers and groovers.

We were all pretty excited to play at Mr Wolfs last night. We got there early parked up set up and ready for sound check. We had a couple of hours to play so we could have a proper run out in the park. Not gonna lie I think we were all a little apprehensive because 10 mins till show time and there were only 3 people in the place. But we were told this place doesn’t get rocking till 11pm. Now they were nearly right. We started playing people starting popping out of the wood work. By the time we were 30 mins in the place was full and they had all come to party.

We had 2 sets to do, first was a bit more reggae the second was full on ska. Our first set was a nice warm up, although the Bristol massive don’t need any help getting in to it. By the time we had our break the place was ready to explode and explode and explode. Just like an Icelandic geeza boom boom boom. It went off from the start, the energy in there was electric. Very cool to see so many happy faces smashing it with us lot, what a night. I love those gigs when you’re that close to the crowd because the energy passes straight from them to us then straight back out again and it just keeps growing. Absolutely buzzing. There’s only one thing as a band we all worry about when everything is that close and that’s our fantastic or any fantastic brass section might get their teeth knocked out by people bumping in to them. So please don’t stop the dance just be careful where you’re moving.

A big huge massive thank you to Mr Wolfs for letting us come and play. And an even bigger huger massiver thank you to everyone from Bristol and beyond who came and had it last night. Hope you all had a good evening, we’ll see you next time. Nice one.



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