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I’ve been playing bass for around 11 years, having decided that there were too many guitarists knocking around! My first experience of playing live music came with the band New Road, which was formed in sixth form at Redborne School. After playing with New Road for several years, I joined punk rock band Dummy Run. A few years passed, mostly travelling around the south eastern part of England. When Dummy Run came to an end, a few of us went on to form Rogue Radio, along with new NGF vocalist Ryan Martin gracing the mic. Like Dummy Run, Rogue Radio mostly played in the south eastern area, racking up a number of gigs at well known venues in London. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, and Rogue Radio disbanded. And so here I am a few years down the line, now playing with NGF. What a blast it’s been so far!

Previous Bands: New Road, Dummy Run, Rogue Radio

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