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Ampthill Beer Festival

Monday, 2nd July 2012

Posted by Jacko

Ampthill beer festival was the second Ampthill gig for New Groove in as many months and wow what a bang was made. Has to be for me, the most energy felt this year at a gig. We were there to play 2 sets in a marquee on one of the pitches of the rugby ground with a little break just to give everyone a well-needed rest.

Warm up sound check went well everything was sounding good but we were in fear that the persistent on off rain was gong to keep people away. The crowd was growing a little but I don’t think everyone was quite ready for what happened.

First set started as we do so well with a gentle warm up playing some of our more chilled out reggae numbers. Like the pied piper we started drawing them in. By halfway through the set we had started to fill the tent and everyone was getting into the groove, well new groove! The only problem we were having was the makeshift stage was starting to sink on the already wet ground. So as we finished off with didge the ground was starting to get a bit rocky.

The second set opened with a nice little jam that got everyone back in the mood. Then bang we were off and on fire. The energy in that tent was awesome fueling us, then NGF throwing it back into the crowd and it was like that for the whole set. Time just flew by and before we knew it we were at the end of the set. The whole crowd was in uproar and asked us the play on. We played Bedford street as an encore the front half of the crowd was going so mad we had to pull Jordies son Zac up on stage to save him from being crushed. He stayed on stage with us for the rest of the song and got a shout out from Quinny and the crowd went mental. All in all a very cool gig with massive energy.

Thanks again to Ampthill beer festival and to everyone who came and gave the worms a good wake up with us.





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