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Boom Town Fair and Farmer Phil’s Fest

Wednesday, 22nd August 2012

Posted by Jacko

What a big weekend this was for the New Groove massive. This was our first two festival gig weekend first at Boom town in Winchester then we had to make the mission up to Sewsbury for Farmer Phil’s.

Weekend started Thursday with the big exodus down to Boom Town as we were going to smash it in the invisible circus tent that evening. Now making the journey with us this time were the two compertition winners Emma SR and Lela. Also Kev and Kicki join us. This was gonna be Adams first weekend away with the band and they were all in for a treat because the sun was shinning and the weather was amazing. If you’re reading this and have never been to boomtown then next year book yourself a ticket and come along it’s a wicked festival. It’s doubled in size each of the 5 years it’s been running and now is at a massive 30,000 people with no attitude and lovely helpful people. Inside the festival is made up like an old town with shop fronts and lots of very cool features. Well worth checking out.

So as soon as we got to boomtown it was set up tents chill for a few seconds they get ready for sound check. We played in the invisible circus tent last year and it went off with a sea of people skanking the place down waking up the worms. We were hoping for the same this time. Well we weren’t disappointed with a few new songs in the set and some classic banger we had the tent rocking. There was even a bottleneck at the front of the tent where there were so many people trying to get in. absolutely love it. We have played first day on a few festivals its so nice to see so many people well up for it. Its almost like we were setting the tone for the weekend hard, heavy and having it.

After an hour of jumping around in front of some hot lights and a crazy crowd it was good to have a proper look around and party. We were staying here till Saturday morning so we all got stuck in hanging out it Emma SR and Lela and letting our hair down a bit. I managed to get some face paints from a stall and had a lot of fun covering everyone well apart from Tim. I really think I found my calling with the artwork I put on Quinnys neck.

Saturday morning comes too quick and we were off to farmer Phil. This was a massive 4 1/2 hour drive but we got there in the end. This was our first time playing at farmer Phil’s it was probably about 2000 people in size. What a lovely bunch of people old school festival heads. Now because it took so long to get there so as we set up the tent it was time to play. Now the stage was man made mound, we were playing on grass it was a really nice feel. There were massive hills behind us, which looked awesome, then a sea of happy dancing partygoers. We went down a storm everyone was up tapping or shaking something along to our set. They want us back next year so a job well done. Once we played we could chill for evening. Dread Zone were heading lining the Saturday so time for a party again.

Very very cool weekend next one we are off Mr. wolfs and festibelly see you there.



2 Responses to “Boom Town Fair and Farmer Phil’s Fest”

  1. Iain Quinn says:

    Nice ne Jacko, love the flow!!!

  2. Brenda says:

    We need more inghists like this in this thread.

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