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Nicky - Trumpet


Nicky has been playing the trumpet for 16 years. She started at the age of 8 and has achieved her ABRSM grade 8 and also a DipABRSM in music performance. Going through music GCSE and Alevel Nicky carried on to gain a BA(Hons) in band musicianship from Salford University.

During her time at university Nicky played with the world renowned Stalybridge Brass band and championship section Fairey's Brass band. It was during her time at university she started to move away from her classical roots and decided to take the jazz and popular music pathway. She improved her popular technique touring with an Elvis tribute band and a Stevie Wonder Tribute band. Nicky also played behind Jazz greats such as Georgie Fame, Eric Delani, Derek Whatkins and Andy Prior.

Alongside her passion for performance Nicky also studied in depth feminism in music. Her dissertation was largely focused on the role of women within Motown and their effect on the racial and feminist movements of the time.

Nicky joined NGF straight out of university and has now been with them for 3 years, alongside being a brass and piano teacher in Brighton. She draws her influences from Motown, Soul, Funk and Jazz music. This can be seen in the horn lines; they are largely riff based and play a large role in the music.

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