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Monday, 27th August 2012

Posted by Jacko

What an amazing finish to a very cool weekend of gigs Festibelly in Lymington near the New Forest. We were playing for the Autumn Shifts crew. This is the second festival this session we have had the pleasure of playing for them and both gigs were awesome. We were on about 8pm so the colour in the sky was just starting to change and the temperature was starting to drop. Every festival turns into a different beast once the sun goes down. There was a nice relax feeling in the Autumn shifts tent when we arrived. It was sunday most people had been there for a few days so everyone was chillaxing, blissfully unaware of the storm on the horizon. This ferocious hurricane which is the NFG crew ready to whip up a frenzy. Sorry if I’m laying the story a bit thick, but if you were there last night you’d understand. When We sound checked heads started to turn the ripples of waves got a little bigger. This storm was ready to strike we had 1 hour to do our thing.

Now I’m not gonna lie I was a bit chilly before we started playing. There wasn’t enough movement or body heat in the place but that was all about to change. We had a nice set worked out to ease everybody in and get warmed up before we all got a bit mental. As soon as we started you could tell although it was sunday people still wanted to party. Everybody one by one started to wake from the slumber and got involved. The tent filled up in no time the energy coming from everyone in the crowd was electric. We were being the thunder they were bringing the lightning and it was bringing the tent to life. I cant remember which song it was, maybe after 6000 Miles, the whole crowd just kept screaming and screaming and screaming that was a very special moment for all of us. It was non stop from start to end, what a wicked wonderful end to a very cool weekend.

Thanks to everyone at Autumn Shifts again see you guys soon. Thanks to everyone who came and had a little dance with us, you made our night I hope we made yours. Thanks Again spread the love from all the NGF crew.



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